Lynn Bogen has been illustrating “Moose People” for 20 years. Her inspiration comes from being long time resident of New Hampshire, where moose are a huge part of the northern culture. The original “Moe Moose” came to her in a day dream one lazy Sunday morning in 1995. In a flash of inspiration Lynn proclaimed: “I am going to draw moose people,” and proceeded to design a series of note cards featuring Moe Moose that were very well received.
Fast forward several years, Lynn decides to expand on her “Moose Vision” by adding several new characters to her designs and selling original prints and T-shirts featuring these really cute moose. Lynn’s first Book Moose People of the White Mountains was written in 2010. and locally distributed.
Lynn’s current book, The Moose People and The Magic Magazine, is the culmination of all her hard work and dedication to her Moose People friends. This is the first in a series of children's picture books featuring “The Moose People.” The book Lynn is currently working on is: The Moose People Build a Town, expected publication is early 2016.

Lynn has a degree in Graphic Design with a focus in Fine Art from Keene State College in New Hampshire.  She now lives in Wilmington, North Carolina with her wonderful husband and 2 crazy dogs. Her 2 grown children and her brilliant grandson are the inspiration of her life.